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Fatality Friday No.28

WAZZ UPP BITCHES!!! It’s friday, FATALITY FRIDAY PEW PEW!!! feat. Nation, Dj Antention, Bullwack, Asdek, xKore and Emalkay !!!

Sebastien Tellier – Russian Attractions (Nation Remix)

Dj Antention – No Fire ?

Bullwack – Banshee Chicken

Asdek – You Can Be

xKore – Stabs

Emalkay – Bring It Down

Monkee Out!!!

Fatality Friday No.7

It’s friday, Fatality Friday and you know everyone loves friday and fuckin great music and here is some shit for you! This Fatality Friday comes up with killing tracks and remixes from Dave Scorp, Figure, Nation, Antichrist and ZXX!!!

No Fake? – Rapestep (Dave Scorp Remix)

Figure – Mission of Destruction

Nation – Conquest

Antichrist – Knife Battle

ZXX – Here It Is

Wasted Wednesday Nr. 22

Wow, so much happened in the last days! SOPA wants to censor the internet, Megaupload and a lot of other one-click-hosters were shut-down, but I think you already know that. Anyways, Wasted Wednesday still continues and today featuring Your Ol’ Lady, Orihalcon, Nation, Trampboat, Dr Stemcell, Dead Battery and Bassex! Epic freebies are epic, I promise!

Your Ol’ Lady – Nangs (Original Mix) [FREE!]

Orihalcon – Fuck This (Original Mix) [FREE!]

Skorby – Happy Nightmares (Nation Remix) [FREE!]
-> Alternative Download here!

Wolfgang Gartner – The Way It Was (Trampboat Remix) [FREE!]
-> Alternative Download here!

Mord Fustang – We Are Now Connected (Dr Stemcell Remix) [FREE!]
-> Download the new mastered version here!

23 – Fuck You (Dead Battery Remix) [FREE!]

Brains – Positive People (Bassex Remix) [FREE!]

Fuckin’ Wasted Mix, Bro!

Hey, I’ve made a new mixtape and here it is. Perfect for drinking, driving, (Please don’t drink and drive together!) walking, cooking, raving, partying and smoking right into the weekend. Unlimited free downloads of course to transfer it on your iPod and hear it everywhere you want.

Wasted Noize – Fuckin’ Wasted Mix, Bro!

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Wasted Wednesday Nr.3

Hello there,
here’s a new episode of my wasted series at this blog. I’ve got some hard bangers with me! ;)

More.ska already postet about Porter Robinson’s new EP called “Spitfire”. This is the Remix, which caught the most of my attention.

Porter Robinson – Unison (Knife Party Remix)

Now we come to a lil’ bit older track called “Little Secrets by Passion Pit. “The Filth” has made a very filthy electro remix out of this original. (Freebie)

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (The Filth Remix)Alternate Download Link!

I think I haven’t got enough dubstep here. Dead C∆T Bounce & The Noisy Freaks & Blaster and a awesome dubstep track! Grab it! (Freebie)

Dead C∆T Bounce x The Noisy Freaks x Blaster – All You Need (Original Mix)

Metal and hard Electro-Trash are fitting very good together. Kisbeat!&Chemical demonstrate this to us. (Freebie)

Dope Star Inc. – Banksters (Kisbeat!&Chemical feat Fabiano Valli remix)

Far Too Loud releases his new EP called “Read To Stomp”. Out now on Beatport. Here’s the track the EP is named after:

Far Too Loud – Ready For The Stomping (Original Mix)
To listen to all 4 original tracks click here!

At last my already posted remix of Nation’s “Kepler 2.0″ is now downloadable for free and I don’t wanna reserve it from you. (Freebie)

N∆TION – Kepler 2.0 (Wasted Noize Remix)


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