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Wasted Wednesday Nr. 21

Here we go again! Freebies are everywhere, so check out this episode featuring TheFatRat, The Noisy Freaks, Dead C∆T Bounce, Delay, Tim Tonik, Blastnoize & Tebori and Sawgood!

Foster The People – Don’t Stop (TheFatRat Remix) [FREE!]

Star Wars – Duel Of The Fates (The Noisy Freaks & Dead C∆T Bounce Remix) [FREE!]
-> Alternative Download here!

Asdek – Devil Kiss (Original Mix) [FREE!]

Hypomaniacs – Freak Out (Delay Remix) [FREE!]

Devastating Enemy – As Bloodshed Begins (Tim Tonik Remix) [FREE!]

Figure – Cut Throat (Blastnoize & Tebori Final Cut) [FREE!]

Sawgood feat. Indosilver Club VS. Skrillex – One Handed [FREE!]
-> Alternative Download here!

Wasted Wednesday Nr. 17

What up, beard? Here’s the wasted weekly summary of my collected electro and dubstep shit! I hope you like it and if you’re a producer or know some producers and think your/their music fits into Wasted Wednesday, feel free to send your tracks to me and if I like them, I’ll post them next week!

Contact Wasted Wednesday:
Soundcloud-links only, please!

Nocolor – Come Back (Blastaguyz Remix) [FREE!]
-> Alternative Download here!

Wolfmother – Joker & The Thief (The Boomzers Remix) [FREE!]

Fat Pocketz – Hey! (Original Mix) [FREE!]

Busta Rhymes – Pass the Courvoisier (Andy’s iLL Refix) [FREE!]

Modestep – Bogey Wonderland (Hulk Remix) [FREE!]

High Scarlet – Archetype (Original Mix) [FREE!]
-> Alternative Download here!

Wasted Wednesday Nr. 14

14th Wasted Wednesday, 6 freebies, I know you dig it! ;)

It’s good to start with a Skrillex track, isn’t it? The Chaotic Good turns “With Your Friends” upsidedown and wow! it’s even better than the original imho!
Skrillex – With Your Friends (The Chaotic Good Remix) [FREE!]

I noticed Meatman’s Project about 6 months ago and now I wanna share his latest track in collaboration with Assaul Terror with you. Talking Bot, yeah.
Meatman’s Project & Assault Terror – Talking bot (Original Mix) [FREE!]

Chemical (the one part of Kisbeat!&Chemical) proves us, that he’s also able to do fuckin’ good music alone! :)
Cloud Control – There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight (Chemical Remix) [FREE!]

Kaskade knows what he does. Check his new mash-up with his track “Dynasty” and Dada Life‘s track “White Noise / Red Meat”!
Kaskade vs. Dada Life – Dynasty Noise (Kaskade Mash Up) [FREE!]

Dave Scorp convinced us a few weeks ago with his Jefferson Airplane Remix and now he’s back with another one. It’s again a absolute banger, but unfortunately the free download isn’t available atm. He’ll put the download on his facebook page soon and I’ll keep you updated on our facebook page!
Uni_Form – Shadows (Dave Scorp Remix) [FREE!]

Everything fits in this track: slow track tempo, bassline, drums and the classic music. Incredible work, Silent H!!
F.O.O.L – Krieg (Silent H! Remix) [FREE!]
-> Alternative Download here!

Wasted Wednesday Nr. 12

Hello there,

after the Dubstep Edition of the last Wasted Wednesday, here comes a normal one as usual. I’ve collected the hottest stuff over the past two weeks and I hope you’re satisfied with that.
If a track is a Freebie, you’ll see it in the track ID below the Soundcloud player now.

F.O.O.L. finally returned to their old style, but is it just me or do they sound a little bit like Knife Party? Whatever, this new preview sounds great!
F.O.O.L – Dark Side (Preview)

The last Mash-Up by The Noisy Freaks was huge and gained so much attention, but this second Mash-Up is even better! Check it out!
The Noisy Freaks – Dream Team (Mashup #2) [FREEBIE]
-> Free Download on their Facebook page!

My bro s.ka introduced TheFatRat last week in his Elsewhere-series, here’s a track of his I wanna share with you. Beginning and the vocal chopping reminds me a little bit of Skrillex. :D
TheFatRat – Less Than Three (Original Mix) [FREEBIE]

FetOo and Asdek made a nice complextro banger for us, nice sound design, punchy drums, free download; that’s how we like it, yeah!
FetOo & Asdek – Groovy Bastards (Original Mix) [FREEBIE]

I FUCKIN’ HATE LMFAO, but I love how The Mavrik turns the shitty song “I’m Sexy And I Know It” into a fuckin’ massive dubstep track!
LMFAO – I’m Sexy And I Know It (The Mavrik Remix) [FREEBIE]

Fresh incoming track! Just a few minutes since it was uploaded by Dead C∆T Bounce. Their Remix of Skrillex‘ new track “Turmoil”!
Skrillex – Turmoil (Dead C∆T Bounce Remix) [FREEBIE]
-> Free Download on their Facebook page!

Wasted Wednesday Nr. 10

Hey guys,

how’re you doin’? Now we reached the magic 10th episode and today I’ve got 8 tracks for you! That’s a lot and you’ll like!
Please share the blog with all your friends, if you want to support us! No-one should miss all these awesome tracks!

The Noisy Freaks are now official famous! They made a free track together with NEUS and I’ve heard a Remix for Skrillex ist also coming soon. Let’s be curious! (Freebie)
NEUS & The Noisy Freaks – Game Over (feat. Nalesia)

Coming to the Remix Vengeance made for One Horse Race. I’ve posted it yesterday on our facebook page, if you don’t follow our page, you should to now! (Freebie)
One Horse Race – Tom Vek (Vengeance Remix)

Now I’ve got a hard electro Remix of a classic track for you. Only a few plays are missing until FetOo enables the free download for all of us! :) (Freebie soon!!!)
Richard Wagner – La Chevauchée Des Walkyries (FetOo Remix)

OVERWERK never disappoints. Nice Electro-House shit. I like! (Freebie)
OVERWERK – Buzzin’ (Original Mix)

I’ve made a remix for my bros Invader GiR called “Fkn Ninja”. Release is in december and this is just a quick mastered version of the remix, but I want you to be able what you can expect from it! :)
Invader GiR – Fkn Ninja (Wasted Noize Remix)

Mr Soundz and Jamie D made a remix for complextro legend Ryan Enzed. Please don’t miss it! (Freebie)
Ryan Enzed – Skyscraper (Mr Soundz & Jamie D Remix)

Another track you’ve to do something to get the free download. Blastaguyz did a Mash-Up of a few Wolfgang Gartner tracks and it sounds incredible good! 150 favourites are needed on soundcloud to get it! Please click the heart on SC, if you’ve got an account there! (Freebie soon!)
Blastaguyz – Wolfgang (Original Mix) PREVIEW

Fast Foot feat. MC Cyanide – You’re Dead (Figure Drumstep Remix)


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