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Moshpit Monday No.40

Hello, this is Gin and I bring you the 40th episode of Moshpit Monday, lean back and enjoy the rather small but good blast!

This episode features tracks from Antention, Dillon Francis, and three previews of Killbots newest works!

Antention – Release The Flames

 Zedd – Stars Come Out (Dillon Francis Remix)

 Killbot – Sound Surgery

 Killbot – Wrecked

 Killbot – I’ll Fuck It

Moshpit Monday No.39

Another Monday is almost over, good god. This moshpit features tracks by Bullwack, Antichrist, and No Fake?, and also one Cyberpunkers Mixtape!

Bullwack – Vampire Squid

 Bullwack – A Dog Called Heroin

 Antichrist – Lunar Avenger (Original Mix)

 Doctor P & Document One – Neon Body Pump (No Fake? Mashup) -> Free download here!

 Cyberpunkers – Illegalmix (Winter Edition Mixtape) -> Free download here!

Tracklist: Continue reading

Moshpit Monday No.38

Here another episode of moshpit monday.

This episode is pretty small, because almost no tracks were released in the past time :/. Featured tracks by Chewy Chocolate Cookies, Owl Vision, Yung Skeeter, and Andy’s iLL.

Crème de la Crème – 10 Tracks in 10 Minutes -> Free download here!

 Owl Vision – Zeremony (Teaser)

 Yung Skeeter – That Work – Soul On Fire (Yung Skeeter Remix)

 Andy’s iLL – Acidicy -> Free download here!

If you want more, go check if you already have checked the last episode of fatality friday with loads of new tracks!

Gneight Gin

Moshpit Monday No.37

Hello, here is another moshpit monday on a monday!! but it’s the latenight version, so enjoy it :>

This episode features one sick EP by Antichrist, remixes by Owl Vision, Beef Theatre, and original tracks by Redial, and Figure.

The xx – Reunion (Owl Vision Remix) -> Free download here!

 Drunken Masters – Toygirl (Beef Theatre Remix)

 Redial – Lemuria

 Figure – Super Sonic Brain Waves (VIP) -> Free download here!

 Antichrist – City Of Death (whole EP)

Moshpit Tuesday No.36

Why yes, hello, today is totally monday, so I don’t understand why you’re so upset :> anyway, here is moshpit monday on a tuesday, again…

This episode features two awesome EPs by StereoHeroes, and The Noisy Freaks & Soulero, and remixes by Comic Strips, The Lumberjacks, and Pelussje.

Zedd – Spectrum (Comic Strips Remix)

 StereoHeroes – Boom Slang EP

 The  Noisy Freaks & Soulero – Bon Appétit EP

 Power Francers – Pompo Nelle Casse (The Lumberjacks Trap Remix)

 Power Francers – Ho Voglia (Pelussje Remix)


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